LAG Decay: “Unfortunately, our team could not make it to the stage playoffs. But next stage, I will make it happen.”

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Gui-un “Decay” Jang is the newest member for the Los Angeles Gladiators. He got his first taste in the Overwatch League against the London Spitfire last week; however, did not get the win. Going into Week 4 against the Atlanta Reign, Decay’s teammates want him to get that first taste in victory.

After their win against the Atlanta Reign in Week 4, Decay spoke with Inven Global about fitting in with his team, who helped him communicate in and out of the game, and his biggest fan.

Congrats on your very first win in the Overwatch League. What does this win mean to you?

It really feels great to get that first win in my career — it shows that hard work pays off. However, this is only the start.

I remember that last week was your birthday, so happy birthday! Did you celebrate with your teammates?

We just hung out in the team house and the team sang happy birthday to me. They made me a paper crown so it was great. We also got to eat cake. They didn’t get me any gifts though. But, the team being there was all I wanted. They even got my favorite ice cream cake, which is chocolate!

Since this is your first year in the league, how did you prepare and who helped you?

Void helped me a lot since he’s one of the Koreans in the team. He helped me a lot when it comes to interacting with the rest of the team. It also helps that we were teammates and best friends dating back to our playing days with Team Kongdoo Panthera.

How did Void help you interact with your non-Korean teammates?

Inside the game, Void helped me a lot to synergize with the non-Korean players. Pretty much, I don’t know much English, especially with Overwatch terms; but, Void already knew a lot of Overwatch terms, so I communicate in game with Void in Korean. For example, when I play Zarya, I tell Void when I have ult and ask when I should use it.

Last week, it looked like you and the team struggled with communication against the Spitfire and Spark. In this game, the team’s communication looked really good. How did that communication change from last week to this week?

So the biggest thing was the coaches said I could speak Korean while I play Zarya. For example, when I have Zarya ult, I can say it in Korean. The others understand what I’m saying, so this will allow other players to combo off my ult. I think that’s how our communication changed over the week. It’s worked so far. Hopefully, we can keep improving as the season goes on.

When you play as other heroes, does speaking in Korean help as well?

Since I’m not familiar with English, in an urgent situation, I call out abilities in Korean. However, all I play nowadays is Zarya. It’s something we’ll need to figure out when the meta shifts.

How would you describe your relationship with your other teammates besides Void?

For now, I’m not comfortable to discuss that, I want to only discuss things in the game.

That’s no problem. I respect your wishes. You’ve played in Contenders Korea last year, and now you’re here in Los Angeles for the Overwatch League. What are the differences between the fans in Korea and fans here?

Compared to Korean fans, all the fans here are more active. They are loud. They are passionate. I especially notice it when I come out to play. When I can hear their cheers, it helps me perform better. I do feel some pressure, but when team fights get intense, I can easily immerse myself with the game.

What really helps is when I can hear the crowd roar, “SHIELDS UP!” I really like when they cheer for us, but at the same time, it makes me a little nervous.

Have you interacted with any of the fans since you’ve been here?

As far as the fans here are concerned, I haven’t had the chance yet. However, one of my fans is my older sister’s friend. Knowing that she cheers me on motivates me to play better. It is amazing that family friends are fans of mine. I appreciate it all.

What’s the best compliment you’ve received from a fan?

Hearing compliments from my older sister’s friend. When I lose a game, hearing cheers from her makes me feel better.

Thanks for the interview. You’ve already made an impression on the fans as soon as you played your first game here. Is there anything you want to say to the fans out there?

Unfortunately, our team could not make it to the stage playoffs. But next stage, I will make it happen.