Dallas Fuel OGE: ” I was so nervous…I couldn’t listen or talk, I just kept dying.”

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The Dallas Fuel had an underwhelming inaugural season last year until Stage 4, where the team started to flourish. The Fuel was starting to show signs of dominance since the APEX days as Team EnVyUs. 

The Fuel started the new season of the Overwatch League to another underwhelming start. Against the San Francisco Shock, they were swept in four games. After that game, many people believed that the Fuel would mimic last season’s performance. When they played their second game of the week against the Seoul Dynasty, they upset the Dynasty beating them 3 games to 1. 

One of the players who broke out for the Fuel was main tank, Min-seokOGE” Son, who stopped by to chat after the Fuel’s victory against the Seoul Dynasty.

Hey OGE, thank you for joining me after a long day of Overwatch. How was your offseason?

For me, it was the same — just practice or stream. I went to Korea for the Visa but I just wanted to play with my team. I really wanted to play in Overwatch League. It was too long to wait.

First of all, I’ve been wanting to ask you this, how did you get your name?

When I played for an amateur team, I had a different name but I needed to change it. He [Crusty] said, “What do you think about OG?” I agreed and thought it fit in with my team’s name at the time, NC Foxes. Then I had to play in Challengers and they told me to add one more letter.

I’ve seen you with different color hair throughout the year. Why did you choose to dye it blue this time? What color do you want to dye it next?

When I stream, my fans are like, “OGE, can you change your hair to blue?”

I said, “Maybe not or no I don’t want to.” 

Then on second thought, I could do this for the fans and that’s how it became blue. Next time, I’m going to dye it blonde. I just like blonde.

I saw on your Twitter (@OGE_ow) that you went to a Joji concert. How was it? 

I had a really good time. When I play Overwatch or when I’m streaming, I always listen to Joji. My friend works for some agent, he got free VIP tickets, and asked me if I want to go. 

I don’t have a favorite song by Joji. It’s like asking what’s your favorite food or your favorite things. I like everything.

What kind of music do you listen to inside and outside of the game?

When I’m streaming, I want to listen to everything, but I can’t because of copyright music. My manager said to not do it, so I listen to chill/sleepy music on YouTube. When I’m not streaming, I listen to K-Pop, Joji, jazz, or EDM like Martin Garrix. I like everything.

Speaking of the game, how has the team prepared for the season and current meta?

We prepared like before I went to Korea. I thought I could come back fast, but I was still there. We played GOATS cause teamwork around it is too important. If someone makes one mistake, we just lose the fight. But, we didn’t have enough time because of the Visa problem. We only got to practice like a month and a half before the season started. 

I’m still nervous to play on stage. When I play scrims, I’m not trying to sound like I have an ego, but it’s much easier to play.

Do you always get nervous when you play on stage?

I have trauma because when I played for CONBOX in APEX, I was so nervous. Then, I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t listen or talk, I just kept dying. I was really sad and stressed. I still have the same problem now.

Do you think this year’s team is stronger than last year’s team with the new additions (Closer, rCk, and ZachaREEE)?

I think on scrim and on stage, we will look good and be fine.

How did you guys help EFFECT back into the team by feeling more confident and more comfortable about himself?

I told him I understood him. I told him to take a rest, and when you feel better, you should play. Like on Stage 4 last season, we played well and we told EFFECT that if he came, just practice around yourself. We can be good and challenge all the teams when you come back.

All the expansion teams look good so far even though it’s the first week. What’s one expansion team you’re looking forward to facing?

I want to play against Atlanta because I like Dafran.

Out of all the players from the expansion teams, what player are you looking forward to facing?

Pokpo is someone else I want to play against. When I played for CONBOX, he was an amateur. He asked me a lot on how to play Winston. I taught him a little bit and then I got good enough to play in Overwatch League. Next thing I know, he’s in Overwatch League too! I want to beat him [in the game].

What can your fans look forward to this year from the team?

That we will do better than last year.

Lastly, anything to say to all your fans out there?

I want to say even if we win or lose, I want you all to keep cheering for us.