TOR envy: “I know we are being underestimated by a lot of the analysts out there and the community.”

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Kang-jaeenvy” Lee, tank for the Toronto Defiant, had a rollercoaster ride up to the start of Season 2. He was involved in the inaugural season of the Overwatch League with the Los Angeles Valiant. Many people considered envy and Pan-seung “Fate” Koo as the one-two punch of the Valiant lineup.

After Stage 2, envy’s world turned upside down.

The Valiant and envy came to an agreement for him to be released from the team prior to Stage 3. From there, the Valiant played well to qualify for the season playoffs. On the other hand, envy struggled to find a team. No team in the Overwatch League picked him up, despite his good performances with the Valiant. As a resort, envy resorted to going home.

The Los Angeles Valiant and Kang-Jae “@envyow” Lee have mutually agreed to a release from his contract with the organization.

We thank Envy for his time with #VALLA and wish him well in his future endeavors in Overwatch League. 💚💛— Los Angeles Valiant (@LAValiant) April 2, 2018

Hi! I know a lot of fans are curious and have questions about this sudden release. So I would like to kinda sort out things here a bit. There is an actual rumor about me punching the coaches’ faces and blah blah. THIS ISNT REAL. First of all, I was not that aware of cultural— Envy (@envysiba) April 2, 2018

envy reflected on his time after his release from the Valiant and if it gave him the motivation to come back to the Overwatch League:

“After I left the Valiant, I was practicing so that I can get back to the league for next season. As you know, I was in Contenders Korea and I was sure and confident that I can get back into the Overwatch League Season 2. I was doing my thing in Contenders. I wasn’t nervous or anything. I was preparing myself for Season 2.”

Contenders Korea was where envy felt confident again. As part of Meta Bellum, they took third place in Season 2. His contenders earned him a spot back into the Overwatch League with the new expansion team, Toronto Defiant.

Toronto Defiant Envy— Envy (@envysiba) October 27, 2018

In the first week of the Overwatch League Season 2, Toronto Defiant surprised many people, coming back from a 0-2 deficit to pick up a win against the Houston Outlaws.

With this victory, envy and the Defiant head into Week 2 against envy’s former team, Los Angeles Valiant. Going against the Valiant next week felt like things came full circle for envy.

Envy commented on whether he wants to send a message to the Valiant in their match next week:

“Oh, that’s hard. Well, comparing our team to the Valiant, I know we are being underestimated by a lot of the analysts out there and the community. But with the win from today’s match [against Outlaws], we feel we have grown. Also, with more practice ahead of us, we cannot be overly confident. I want to say to the Valiant, “Look out. Here we come!”