Echo Fox Secures Top Eight Finishes in Street Fighter and Shadowverse at Dreamhack Montreal

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Dreamhack Montreal is the major event for Shadowverse to be viewed by a mass audience. Echo Fox players, Cure Mango and Gengur, well represented the team throughout the weekend. Justin Wong came out to support the boys this weekend in hopes of taking home first place.

Cure Mango had a deep run in the tournament. He met DIS Omega in the semifinals and tested Cure Mango at his limit. The match wrestled back and forth throughout the match. The series had to go to one final game. However, Omega came out on top of Cure Mango to advance.

On the other side of the brackets, Gengur was challenged by Tempo Storm’s Crumsion. The series mirrored Cure Mango’s match, where it was a test of wits between both players. The series eventually went to a final match where Crumsion went over Gengur. Despite the exit, Gengur and Cure Mango displayed a great amount of skill. They proved to the rest of the competition that Dreamhack Montreal is only the beginning. In the next events, look out for these two players to come out on top.

Speaking of Justin Wong, can you believe Justin Wong, one of the greatest fighting game players ever, has never won a premier CPT event? He had a chance last weekend at Dreamhack Montreal. The last time he placed top three in a premier event was in NorCal Regionals in 2016. The last time he won any event was recently in Dreamhack Austin in June this year. Montreal is JWong’s time to shine.

Justin came off the heels of not putting quality results as of late. However, in that time, he has been putting time into one of Season 2 characters released in Street Fighter V, Menat. She is not a popular character among the pros. Prior to Dreamhack Montreal, Menat has not carried a player through a tournament before. Justin had a chance to turn that line of thinking around.

Justin surprised many people and came into the top eight without losing a set. From there, it was vintage Justin Wong. He dominated the winner’s bracket taking out the likes of Yusuke “Momochi” Momochi and Kenryo “Mago” Hayashi, in a close set. Then, he met Du “NuckleDu” Dang in the finals.

Not only did both players fight once or twice, they fought three times. NuckleDu fought his way back after losing to Justin in the winner’s finals. After NuckleDu fought Justin in the grand finals, he reset the brackets in a commanding 3-1 victory. From Justin’s history, everyone knows he will not go down without a fight and that’s what he did. The grand finals went all the way to five games. In the first four games, Justin used Menat with mixed results. In the last game, Justin pondered to move forward with Menat but decided to switch to his signature character, Karin. That switch to Karin proved successful for Justin. He won the last game and earned first place in Dreamhack Montreal.

With this win in Montreal, Justin Wong moves up in the CPT standings to eighth place. Not only was this Justin’s first premier win but also secured his spot in the Capcom Cup later this year. Catch Justin and the rest of the Echo Fox team at SoCal Regionals in Ontario, CA starting September 14.