Surefour Talks His Experience in Widow Duels, Overwatch World Cup, and More

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The Overwatch All-Star weekend took place a few weeks ago in the Blizzard Arena, Burbank, California. The first day featured several events, one of the premier events being a 1v1 Widowmaker tournament. Participants in the event include the best sharpshooters of the Overwatch League: Philadelphia Fusion’s Carpe, New York Excelsior’s Saebyeolbe, and Los Angeles Valiant’s Soon to name a few. Possibly the most consistent Widowmaker players of the league, Los Angeles Gladiators’ Surefour showcased his abilities during the event as well. Prior to his final showdown against Carpe, Surefour spoke to the media in regards to the all-star event, this year’s Overwatch World Cup, and more.

Watching the Widow duels in the back was tense, especially that match with Sayaplayer and Pine. How did you calm your nerves on stage?

Surefour: Once you hit him in the head once, your nerves go away. It was easy for me from there.

I caught you playing League on Calvin’s stream and you carried that team as the jungler. What’s your rank in solo queue?

Surefour: Back in Season 3, I was mid-Diamond 1.

Did you ever consider going pro in League, cause you played very well?

Surefour: I kind of considered going pro in League and CS:GO. Back then, I played games just for fun. I knew that getting pro in League of Legends and CS:GO would take years because you have to establish yourself before you get recognized. I would just play in tournaments just for fun. When Overwatch came out, people told me that it’s going to be the next esport and to come out.

What champions did you first play in League of Legends?

Surefour: Back when I played a lot, I carried a lot with Jayce and Nasus top. My favorite mids were Diana and Talon. I was kind of like a “flavor of the week” player where whichever was strongest, I would play. When I was forced on Support, I would play Karma right after her rework. She was a broken champion then and nobody else was playing her. People would think I’m trolling and I would respond by saying, “Just watch.” Then, my opponent’s AD Carry couldn’t do anything.

I want to gather your thoughts about this year’s Overwatch World Cup. Last year, Team Canada went all the way to the grand finals against South Korea. However, you guys finished in 2nd place. If you were to meet South Korea in the grand finals again, how can you guys turn your fortunes around and win this year’s World Cup?

Surefour: As long as everyone feels comfortable with each other, we can play our own game. We have like really good talent in our team. As long as no one gets nervous or messes up too much, I have confidence we can win it all. Overwatch is about not making tiny mistakes and everyone playing together to win.

Do you think you guys are more cohesive now fthat everyone went through the Overwatch League Season 1 and you all are more familiar with each other’s playstyles?

Surefour: One of the downsides of last year was that we had Mangachu on D.Va. He wasn’t proficient at it. We all knew that. Now, we have NotE. Not to say Mangachu was bad, it wasn’t his role. Mangachu can now play DPS and swap out. It makes our team better than last years as a whole.

The competition next season is going to be higher with new teams coming in. Do you think you will need to work harder for next season?

Surefour: Pretty much put in the same effort. I mean, you don’t need to scout at other teams until you are about to play them. It’s going to be the same amount of work for everyone.

The US Group Stage of the Overwatch World Cup takes place this weekend at the Blizzard Arena. Surefour and team Canada will put his Widowmaker skills to the test against other nations including the United States, Brazil, Austria, Switzerland, and Norway. Last year’s finalist’s Team Canada seek to get back into the grand finals at this year’s World Cup. Watch Surefour and Team Canada take the stage as they set their sights on Blizzcon.