NA LCS 2018 Summer Split Week 8 Recap

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The end of the season is almost to a close. Two more weeks left to make a statement for the rest of the LCS season. Two more weeks to prove Echo Fox has the best roster in the LCS. Two more weeks to show the other teams why Echo Fox is a team to be feared. The time is now.

100 Thieves
Besides Team Liquid and Echo Fox, 100 Thieves has been the other consistent team since Spring Split. Even though they faced their share of drama in this split, they held their heads up high and stayed optimistic. They are currently sitting in second place with a chance for first place if they continue to play consistently. Echo Fox needs to not underrate 100 Thieves.

Andy “AnDa” Hoang had huge shoes to fill following a trade involving William “Meteos” Hartman. In this match, he played a huge role, aiding MVP candidate Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho. Multiple times during the match, AnDa helped Ssumday in ganking the top lane, effective getting him ahead of Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon for the majority of the match.

Aside from the top lane, Echo Fox was unable to play their style throughout the match. Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett usually enables the other Echo Fox players to peak at their best in matches. However, in this match, he was shut down. As a result, the other Echo Fox players did not get into their routine. 100 Thieves inch closer to the top spot, while Echo Fox looks to regroup in their next match.

OpTic Gaming
Like FlyQuest in the Summer Split, OpTic vastly improved from the prior split. They are the team who is a thorn in many teams like Team SoloMid, Cloud9, and Counter Logic Gaming. In their previous meeting, OpTic stole the game over Echo Fox with Kieran “Allorim” Logue and Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage carrying the match.

In this match, Echo Fox came out playing to win. At one point, they held a 3.5k gold lead with Tanner “Damonte” Damonte and Lawrence “Lost” Hui playing great for the team. As fed as they were in this match, they could not carry Echo Fox to victory.

Terry “Big” Chuong was a huge factor in OpTic’s win against Echo Fox. Zilean was the determining factor for Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen in Cloud9’s win against Golden Guardians. In champion select for this match, OpTic picked Zilean. Everyone assumed Zilean would go to PowerOfEvil in the mid lane. That was not the case. The pick went to Big, who played huge with the Zilean pick. He was capable of using Zilean’s ultimate when OpTic needed it most. This turned the match into OpTic’s favor. In a span of two minutes, OpTic had successful team fights and Echo Fox could not engage without having to deal with Zilean’s ultimate. Echo Fox lost a heartbreaking match against OpTic.

This week was the first time Echo Fox went 0-2. Despite the fact Echo Fox went 0-2, the team is still in third place alongside FlyQuest. To regain their confidence, they will need to pick up wins against Team Liquid and Clutch Gaming. If they do, they have a chance in finishing in first place going into playoffs. One week remains in the Summer Split. Tune into as the season finale edges closer.