Ryujehong Discusses His Fictional KPop Band, Preferred Ana Changes, and the OW World Cup

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The Seoul Dynasty was predicted to be the best team in the Overwatch League. This was based upon previous success in the Overwatch World Cup, where Seoul Dynasty players Je-hong “ryujehong” Ryu, Joon-hyuk “zunba” Kim, Jin-mo “tobi” Yang, and Jin-hyuk “Miro” Gong played and won back-to-back championships. When the Overwatch League started, the Seoul Dynasty started out strong with a record of 7-3 in the first two stages. In Stage 4, they had a record of 3-7. Despite high praise in the preseason, they were unable to meet expectations as they did not qualify for any stage playoffs and finished 8th place in the overall standings. After their defeat to the Los Angeles Gladiators, Ryujehong stopped backstage to discuss topics beyond the Overwatch League.

Special thanks to Seoul Dynasty’s manager, Annie Cho, for coordinating the interview and translating. You can catch her on Twitter @Annie_H_Cho.

Korean-American rapper pH-1 and music producer DaviDior composed a song titled “82” for the team. What kind of music are you into?

Ryujehong: It depends on my mood. Sometimes, I’m in the mood for R&B or EDM but I like all kinds of music.

Who are your favorite music artists?

Ryujehong: It’s hard to think of one that sticks out in my mind, but I don’t really have one that I would call my favorite.

If you composed a K-pop band from the players in the Overwatch League, who would be in it?

Ryujehong: I can picture myself with Jacob “JAKE” Lyon from the Houston Outlaws, Jong-ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park from NYXL, Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim, and Jin-mo “tobi” Yang.

Lately, you’ve been playing heroes other than support heroes, including Junkrat and Roadhog. What’s the reason behind it?

Ryujehong: That was one of the strategies that I wanted to learn. It’s hard to elaborate on it, but it is a strategy that we went over and agreed upon.

What do you think about the Symmetra rework?

Ryujehong: I haven’t played Symmetra yet but she has the potential to be really good. I think we’ll be able to use various strategies that compliment her play style.

How do you think she’ll fit in the meta?

Ryujehong: Symmetra can be used in a lot of defense situations to block our opponents. Then, maybe she can be used as a DPS and Widowmaker can compliment her. There’s a possibility to have one healer and Symmetra in a team comp.

What are changes you would do to Ana to get her back into the meta?

Ryujehong: Overall, I think the limitation that Ana has right now is clear. She can’t heal anybody when that person is blocked by something in front of her like Defense Matrix from D.Va. Meanwhile, Mercy or Zenyatta can do so even though there is something in front of them. If that can be fixed, I think you’ll see Ana play again.

João Pedro “Hydration” De Goes Telles was a huge problem for you guys in this match. What are things that he did to become a problem?

Ryujehong: I think instead of Hydration being annoying, it was more on us not communicating well about where he was.

2018-06-08 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch World Cup is coming up, and if you are on the South Korean team again, who would you want in that team and why?

Ryujehong: I don’t see any good possibility of me going to World Cup. I feel it’s going to be all NYXL players based on their performance this season. If I do go, I would like the opportunity to play with the NYXL players.

It’s too early to tell, but who do you think is your biggest rival in the World Cup?

Ryujehong: USA would be our biggest rival. We had a hype match last year and they will want to try to beat us this year.

What’s one thing you would like to see in the Overwatch League next season?

Ryujehong: One thing I want is the desks in the practice room to be adjustable so we feel more comfortable. Even on stage, it’s really hard to be comfortable. A lot of players need to adjust their desk, but the League has same-height desks and it causes some problems.