Press Conference: the Los Angeles Gladiators on their match against the Valiant

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The Battle of Los Angeles recently occurred between the Valiant and Gladiators. Both teams fought valiantly, ultimately going to a final Game 5. João Pedro “Hydration” De Goes Telles and Chan-hyung “Fissure” Baek played exceptionally well throughout the match. Unfortunately, Brady “Agilities” Girardi and Indy “SPACE” Halpern carried the match for the Valiant, thus ending their run in Stage 4. After the match, the Gladiators held a press conference to talk about the match.

Los Angeles Gladiators’ head coach David “Dpei” Pei commented that they had no regrets picking the Valiant as their opponents. The Gladiators used this opportunity to get ready for the League playoffs, and this match opened their eyes to issues they can address moving forward. Dpei added that they did not play the way they wanted to, including aspects of their rotations and how to play against different comps, so this match was a good experience for the pressure coming up in the playoffs. On their progression over this season, Benjamin “BigGoose” Isohanni stated that the team managed to cool out and grind more. Since Stage 1, they’ve worked as a team.

Horizon Lunar Colony was a crazy map between both teams. The match went back and forth with big plays coming from Lane “Surefour” Roberts and Hydration. In contrast, Agilities and Space made equally big plays. The last few seconds of the game saw Surefour swapping to Roadhog and Reaper. Aaron “Bischu” Kim commented that Surefour and Hydration are able to flex heroes well and are effective with any hero they play.

Bischu additionally said that if they were able to face the Valiant in the League playoffs, he does not think a lot of changes are needed. Things are currently working well and they just need to polish everything up.

Although the Gladiators are eliminated in the race for the stage playoffs, they will make their appearance in the League playoffs against the London Spitfire. Playoffs start on Wednesday, July 11th.