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Echo Fox continues to be the premiere fighting game team throughout the Fighting Game Community. The team has proved it in past events such as NorCal Regionals 2018, Naptown Clutch 18, and Texas Showdown. Their run continued last weekend at Canada Cup — including the reemergence of a legend, Justin “JWong” Wong.

In Tekken 7, Saint and JDCR were not in attendance to represent Echo Fox. However, JWong took their place and channeled his inner Saint using JACK-7. He qualified for the Top 8 through the winner’s bracket. From there, he proceeded to tear apart every competitor on his way to the grand finals against TheJayggernaught. Justin did not drop a game until grand finals, defeating TheJayggernaught in four games, and was crowned the Tekken 7 champion.

Punk dominated the Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite tournament, taking home first place. After Punk beat Justin Wong in a close five-game set in winner’s finals, JWong fell to Teemo in loser’s finals. Luckily, Punk avenged his fallen teammate by sweeping Teemo 3-0 in the grand finals.

In Dragonball FighterZ, Echo Fox had a good showing with both Victor “Punk” Woodley and Justin Wong competing. Both Punk and Justin made it to Top 8. Justin was in the winner’s bracket against Cyclops’ Goichi “GO1” Kishida. However, Justin left early during top eight for Mother’s Day, forfeiting his remaining matches. Meanwhile, Punk went one-on-one against marvtronic. Punk took out marvtronic in a three-game set and advanced to face a formidable foe, Christopher “NYChrisG” Gonzalez. NYChrisG, former EVO champion, proved to still be one of the great all-around FGC players and defeated Punk, sending Punk out of the tournament.

On the Smash side of things, Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman looked to follow his success at Smash Summit 6. He competed in doubles action for Smash Bros Melee and Smash 4. In Smash 4, he teamed with SuperLoli and qualified for grand finals. They went against Blacktwins13 and Exodia; however, did not earn the championship. For Melee doubles, he teamed with fellow Canadian, Quaff. Together, they proceeded to get to grand finals and defeated Sylarius and Soonsay, earning first place in Melee doubles.

Not only Mew2King is amazing at Melee but showed a great amount of skill in Smash 4. Mew2King qualified for Top 32 at the winner’s bracket and got all the way to the Top 6. During Top 6, he played against MD3 and was swept, bringing him down to the loser’s bracket. Mew2King redeemed himself from the loser’s bracket and earned a trip to grand finals against Exodia. Unlike his previous success with Melee, he was not able to achieve identical success at Smash 4 and earned second place for Smash 4.

Mew2King went on a rampage throughout the winner’s bracket in Smash Melee. He swept every competitor he faced and promptly qualifying for grand finals against Sylarius. Previously, he swept Sylarius in the winner’s finals. In grand finals, Mew2King swept him again to earn first place for Melee.

In Street Fighter, Justin Wong showed why the Wong Factor is nothing to underestimate. Justin showed in Ultra Street Fighter 4 that he is still a competent player, earning his way to Top 8. He secured the championship after sweeping every player he faced, including ChrisG in the winner’s final and grand finals.

In Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, Canada Cup went through a different format than the typical Top 8 tournament style. This time, Canada Cup implemented a round-robin system to determine the final standings — it was a first to five round-robin between all eight players — Justin Wong, Punk, LPN, Ricki Ortiz, K-Brad, PR Balrog, CeroBlast, and ChrisG. The results ended with Justin Wong winning SFV: AE mainly using new character Falke to finish with a record of 6-1. Following JWong was Punk using Cammy, Ken, and Nash to end with a 5-2 record.

Canada Cup proved to be one of Echo Fox best outings at a fighting game tournament. Throughout the weekend, they placed in Top 8 at all games they competed in. With their success at Canada Cup, they will carry it forward to Stunfest this weekend at Rennes, Bretagne with Punk and Momochi being the notable Echo Fox players in attendance. Stay tuned for more Echo Fox action at

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