New York Excelsior’s Stage 3 Press Conference

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New York Excelsior did the unthinkable and became the Stage 3 Champions after sweeping the Boston Uprising this past Sunday. NYXL became the first back-to-back stage champions in Overwatch League history. After their championship win, they sat down in the press room to answer questions from the press in attendance and All-Access Pass users from Twitch.

Highlights of the press conference include the following:

Adam Neylan from Akshon Esports asked Pine about playing Genji in the finals and what was going through his mind while he played Genji:

Pine: I did not intend on using Genji, but my gut feeling told me to play Genji and it worked to the team’s advantage.

Tyler Erzberger from ESPN Esports also had a question for Pine regarding who he thinks is the team’s biggest rival going into Stage 4 and ultimately the playoffs:

Pine: I cannot choose a team I am afraid of, but if I can choose a player that I fear playing against, it would be Florida Mayhem’s Sayaplayer.

Sam Owens of the Overwatch Score asked the team about preparing for the match against the Boston Uprising: 

Ark: I watched many videos of the Uprising versus the Valiant because I thought we would face those two teams heading into Stage 3 Playoffs, and it worked.

A Twitch viewer asked Jjonak how he prepared for the finals:

Jjonak: I went with my gut feeling, predicted, and reacted with how I played today.

Mel from the OWL Recap asked if there was a single player in the team that called shots or if it was a team effort: 

Pine: We do not consult a single player in the team for advice. As a team, we try to maintain our composure as much as possible and react to any adversities.

Another Twitch viewer asked NYXL which teams they studied the most and if those teams used any unpredictable tactics:

Libero: Boston was the team to study for after they defeated us during Stage 3. After they beat us, it catalyzed their winning streak; therefore, we had to study them profusely.

Adam from Akshon Esports asked Pine, Saebyeolbe, and Libero on who they prioritize if they need a Widowmaker in their team comp and who would win if they played a free-for-all match using Widowmaker:

Pine: In a free-for-all, I would win because you have to shoot as Widow and I am good at that.

Chris from USA Today asked about Ark’s performance in the playoffs despite feeling under the weather:

Pine: I would say it is a 10 out of 10 because he kept the team together.

Mel from OWL Recap asked NYXL about their thoughts on Brigitte in the Overwatch League and how it will affect the meta moving forward:

Meko: So when the meta changed, we thought ‘it is going to be difficult to adapt.’ Through studying and practicing, we found out that it will not be. I cannot say which team will benefit playing Brigitte, but we will keep practicing and do our thing.

Emerald Gao from Blizzard Entertainment asked what NYXL’s goals are for Stage 4:

Pine: Of course, the most important thing is to not be lazy, not be complacent, and keep practicing.

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