H1Z1 Pro League Week 4 Results

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In Week 4 of the H1Z1 Pro League, Echo Fox looked to climb the standings from their third place at the beginning of the week. Ahead of them in the standings were Epsilon Esports in second place with forty-nine points and SetToDestroyX at the top of the leaderboard with seventy-five points. How will the Foxes fare this week in the H1Z1 Pro League?

Game 1
Echo Fox struggled during early with difficulties finding a good position for kills. The game started out slow and methodical for all participants. Once the toxic gas started to cave in, the action erupted. Counter Logic Gaming was a surprise team this week, finishing game one with seven points. It all started when CLG’s NightwalkeR picked off Echo Fox’s sloth, in-game leader for the team. Afterwards, Vitality’s Haraw got a kill on sweetdreams. Three Foxes remained in the battlefield. Obey Alliance’s Teenage then got shotgun kills on prox and Pineaqples. Crank was the final Fox to be eliminated by CrozzoveR. Echo Fox ended game one with one point.

Game 2
Echo Fox redeemed themselves and improved in the last game of the week. Pineaqples picked off NightwalkeR for Echo Fox’s first point of the round. Crank followed up with a rifle kill on CLG’s dafps. Echo Fox at this point had a healthy squad as the gas continued to engulf the field. With eight teams in close proximity on the map, the meta shifted to shotguns. Pineaqples was the first to go from Echo Fox by Noble Esports’ Shurimawiz. Epsilon Esports turned up their game this round as Melander got a killed sloth with a rifle. The rest of Echo Fox had to run into the forest for some cover against other teams surrounding them. The team attempted an aggressive play pushing towards Gankstars’ position. Prox threw a grenade towards Gankstars and took down Gankstars’ buffalo, with an assist from Crank. The Foxes then surrounded the remaining Gankstars player, Nasticle. However, a push from Epsilon caught Echo Fox off guard. Luminosity Gaming’s Rogue used this distraction to kill prox. This opened up the field for Epsilon as Riddarn killed Crank, then Rogue got the only remaining Echo Fox player, prox. Before prox was killed, he was able to secure a kill on Nasticle to end game two with four kills for Echo Fox.

Echo Fox ended Week 4 with seven points. Altogether thus far in the season, Echo Fox finished just outside of the Top 5 this week, sitting in sixth place with fifty-four points. Counter Logic Gaming sits in front of Echo Fox with fifty-five points. There is still plenty of time for Echo Fox to recover and get back in the Top 5. Week 5 will be a benchmark for where Echo Fox lies against the rest of the teams in the H1Z1 Pro League. Stay tuned next week to see how Echo Fox performs.

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