Smash Summit 6 Recap

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Smash Summit is an invite-only tournament where the best of the best Smash Melee players gather and compete to be the best player. Historically, there are only two unique champions — Team Liquid’s Hungrybox won Smash Summit 5, while Alliance’s Armada won Smash Summit 1 to 4. Smash Summit is considered to be one of the biggest Smash events of the year and Echo Fox’s own Mew2King went out to prove he is still one of the best.

In Pools, Mew2King took down the likes of Panda Global’s Zain and Fry’s Wizzrobe. His results in the pool stage qualified him to playoffs where he had the run of his life.

In the quarterfinals, he faced a formidable foe with Armada. In an unlikely turn of events, Mew2King did the unthinkable and sent Armada to the loser’s bracket after a 3-1 set.

After his match against Armada, Mew2King’s confidence rose as he defeated TSM’s Leffen in the semifinals, then Panda Global’s Zain in the winner’s finals. Like his match against Armada, Mew2King defeated those opponents three games to one. He then had to wait for an opponent to join him in the grand finals.

After being sent down to the loser’s bracket, Armada sought for redemption. He proceeded to beat CLG’s SFAT, VGBC’s aMSa, then Plup. In the loser’s semifinals, he faced former EVO champion Hungrybox. In a competitive five-game set, Armada came out victorious to face Zain in the loser’s finals. Armada showed no flaws against Zain and regained another chance to face Mew2King in the grand finals.

Although Armada was on a roll in the loser’s bracket, he was unable to take down Mew2King. Throughout the tournament, Mew2King played consistently showing no signs of failure. Against Armada, he played with the same amount of focus as he did with the previous opponent, defeating Armada in four games to earn his first championship at a major since Canada Cup 2017.

With this win at Smash Summit 6, Mew2King holds momentum going into future events. Keep up with Mew2King and other Echo Fox players live at

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