San Francisco Shock Parent Organization Announces New Partnership

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NRG Esports, the parent organization of the San Francisco Shock, recently announced a partnership with NETGEAR Gaming. Although NETGEAR is a sponsor of NRG Esports, it does not equate to sponsorship under the San Francisco Shock brand. Overwatch League regulations specify teams to operate separately from their parent brands. Thus, it is not confirmed whether they will be a direct partnership for the Shock.

In a press release by NETGEAR, senior vice president of global marketing Heidi Cormack commented:

“Our Nighthawk Pro Gaming products are specifically built to improve online game play and provide that competitive edge gamers are seeking. Partnerships with professional teams such as NRG enables us to connect with players and the overall gaming community to better understand the networking challenges they face. We are thrilled to be a featured sponsor of NRG and their roster of talented teams.”

NETGEAR also currently sponsors another Overwatch League team, Seoul Dynasty, under their Nighthawk Pro Gaming line.

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