Agilities on Maturing as a Player, Current Meta, and the Importance of His Fans

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The Omnic Post had a chance at an exclusive interview with Brady “Agilities” Girardi, player for the Los Angeles Valiant; a team on such a winning streak they managed to score a partnership with Razer. They played a close game against the Seoul Dynasty and walked away winners last Wednesday. Last Saturday, they won 3 games to 1 against the Shanghai Dragons. The Valiant’s win against the Dynasty gave them sole possession of 1st place in the Pacific Division, granting them a first-round bye for the postseason.

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Los Angeles Valiant Acquires Partnership with Razer

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Following their recent success at the Overwatch League, the Los Angeles Valiant’s brand continues to grow. During Stage 3 of the League, the Valiant significantly improved from their Stage 2 performance earning them a place in the Stage 3 playoffs. Although things did not swing in their favor against the New York Excelsior, their performance in Stage 3 was admirable. With this recent success, the Valiant earned partnerships with Lionsgate and Microsoft. After their win against the Seoul Dynasty this week, the Valiant managed to negotiate another partnership with Razer.

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Fusion University’s Jerseys Banned on Stage

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Last weekend, the Overwatch Contenders, a minor league for the Overwatch League, had their playoffs. Fusion University, the Philadelphia Fusion’s Overwatch Contenders team, was not allowed to wear their jerseys at the Season 1 finals. During their match against OpTic Academy, they went out to the stage wearing a black attire. This attire change was due to the fact that the team’s jersey had the team’s initials “F” and “U” printed on the front of the jersey.

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Canada Cup Series Results

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Echo Fox continues to be the premiere fighting game team throughout the Fighting Game Community. The team has proved it in past events such as NorCal Regionals 2018, Naptown Clutch 18, and Texas Showdown. Their run continued last weekend at Canada Cup — including the reemergence of a legend, Justin “JWong” Wong.

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New York Excelsior’s Stage 3 Press Conference

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New York Excelsior did the unthinkable and became the Stage 3 Champions after sweeping the Boston Uprising this past Sunday. NYXL became the first back-to-back stage champions in Overwatch League history. After their championship win, they sat down in the press room to answer questions from the press in attendance and All-Access Pass users from Twitch.

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H1Z1 Pro League Week 4 Results

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In Week 4 of the H1Z1 Pro League, Echo Fox looked to climb the standings from their third place at the beginning of the week. Ahead of them in the standings were Epsilon Esports in second place with forty-nine points and SetToDestroyX at the top of the leaderboard with seventy-five points. How will the Foxes fare this week in the H1Z1 Pro League?

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Smash Summit 6 Recap

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Smash Summit is an invite-only tournament where the best of the best Smash Melee players gather and compete to be the best player. Historically, there are only two unique champions — Team Liquid’s Hungrybox won Smash Summit 5, while Alliance’s Armada won Smash Summit 1 to 4. Smash Summit is considered to be one of the biggest Smash events of the year and Echo Fox’s own Mew2King went out to prove he is still one of the best.

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San Francisco Shock Parent Organization Announces New Partnership

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NRG Esports, the parent organization of the San Francisco Shock, recently announced a partnership with NETGEAR Gaming. Although NETGEAR is a sponsor of NRG Esports, it does not equate to sponsorship under the San Francisco Shock brand. Overwatch League regulations specify teams to operate separately from their parent brands. Thus, it is not confirmed whether they will be a direct partnership for the Shock.

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Los Angeles Valiant Announces Partnership with Microsoft

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The Los Angeles Valiant made an impact yesterday with the announcement of a partnership with Microsoft. Together, the LA Valiant and the technology company will host a series of events this year, most likely in Microsoft Store locations around the Los Angeles area. It would also be very exciting if they were to organize viewing parties for those that cannot make it to the Blizzard Arena. In a podcast with the Esports Observer, LA Valiant CEO Noah Whinston mentioned that the Microsoft Theatre would be the tentative home for the LA Valiant in 2020. For those unfamiliar with the Microsoft Theatre, it is housed in the middle of Los Angeles across Staples Center in LA Live where it is owned by another Immortals investor, Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG).

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