Overwatch League: Blizzard Reveals Stage 4 Map Pool

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A recent update to the Overwatch League website reveals the new map pool for Stage 4 of the OWL. While most of the set-up stays the same, there are some notable differences in there that might be important to the teams regarding their comp strategies.

If you take a look at the Overwatch League site, you will notice that the Stage 4 map pool has been revealed and the map order is a tad different from this current stage. The Stage 4 map order is Hybrid, Assault, Control, and Escort. The map order difference from the current stage to Stage 4 is that the Assault and Hybrid map will switch. Otherwise, everything stays the same.

Without further ado, here is the Stage 4 map pool:

  • Hybrid: Blizzard World and King’s Row
  • Assault: Horizon Lunar Colony and Hanamura
  • Control: Oasis and Lijiang Tower
  • Escort: Dorado and Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Hybrid maps

In the Hybrid map type, King’s Row will replace Numbani. Due to the many angles a team can take from each point, Numbani could be seen as the better hybrid map. Also, team comps are flexible in Numbani from dive comp to 3 tank comp to building a comp around Sombra-Pharah. With King’s Row, teams have to be a little more strict with team comps. For example on offense, teams would need to play dive to get the payload point, before being flexible with their comp. As for Blizzard World, let’s hope that Blizzard integrates the latest patch to this map.

Assault maps

On the Assault map type, Horizon Lunar Colony and Hanamura will replace Volskaya Industries and Temple of Anubis. In the past, Horizon Lunar Colony and Hanamura have brought hyped matches in Overwatch League. For the final stage in Overwatch League, there will be no lack of flanks and surprises in every aspect possible.

Control maps

Oasis and Lijiang Tower will replace Ilios and Nepal as the Control map type. Ilios and Nepal were anything but underwhelming when teams played on it. Oasis and Lijiang Tower brought an equal amount of hype when it was played on as well, so if the past is any indication, Oasis and Lijiang Tower will not disappoint. Look for the start of any reverse sweeps with these maps.

Escort maps

Junkertown and Route: 66 brought some great games with a huge field to work with during this stage of Overwatch League. Dorado and Watchpoint: Gibraltar however, do the exact opposite as they do not bring the open field on their maps. Like in the past, teams will need to strategize their team comps to help push the payload to every point.

The tiebreaker map was not yet unveiled. However, one could assume it will be Nepal this time. In Stage 1, Lijiang Tower was the tiebreaker map, in Stage 2 it was Ilios and in Stage 3, Oasis. Nepal would be the remaining Control map to not have been the tiebreaker map until now.

Look for Stage 4 to start next month on May 16th when the Los Angeles Gladiators and San Francisco Shock clash in the first match.

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