H1Z1 Pro League Week 1 Results

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The H1Z1 Pro League, the first professional battle royale esports league, kicked off today from Las Vegas Nevada.

Echo Fox was one of the fifteen teams chosen to compete in the League for its inaugural season and looked to start the season off strong.

Round 1

Echo Fox had a strong showing in Round 1, picking up four quick kills to move into 2nd place after a quiet early game. As the game continued, the Foxes kept up the pace. After picking up a few more kills, Echo Fox ended the first round tied for second place with a total of 13 points. Round winners Epsilon sat atop the leaderboard with 28 points.

Round 2

In the second round of competition, teams were over the adrenaline rush and played safer.

Pineaqples and crank were the first Foxes to fall after an early skirmish, so it was up to sloth, prox, and sweetdreams to pick up the win for the team. In the last moments of the round, 4 teams, including Echo Fox, remained. The Foxes were stuck on the border of the fog and were eliminated while trying to push into safe zone, but not before picking up a few more kills. Once again, Echo Fox finished 3rd with Gankstars and Cloud9 ahead of them.

After the first day of competition, Epsilon Esports holds first place with 33 points. Rogue is in second with 21 points and Echo Fox is one point behind in third place. Going forward the Foxes will look to maintain their consistently high performance and move up the rankings.

The competition continues this Wednesday, April 25th.

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