Echo Fox Defeats Golden Guardians and Team Liquid in Week 4 of the NA LCS

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In Week 3, Echo Fox suffered its first defeat of the Spring Split from Counter Logic Gaming. Not demoralized by the loss, the team redeemed itself against OpTic Gaming and ended Week 3 with a win.

In Week 4 Echo Fox had to face Golden Guardians and Team Liquid, who sought to knock the league leaders off their perch.

Golden Guardians

Dardoch continued to work his aggressive playstyle to the team’s advantage. In an early gank in the top lane, Dardoch aided Huni in obtaining first blood on Lourlo. With this advantage in the top lane, Dardoch continued to camp Lourlo and helped Huni take two more kills after a failed gank from Golden Guardians. After 10 minutes, Echo Fox had a solid lead with a 3,000-gold advantage.

Echo Fox used this advantage to control other areas of the map. Bot lane was pushed by Golden Guardians. However, Echo Fox countered the push by sending all five players to the bottom half of the map, repelling the push and taking the Guardians’ tower.

Echo Fox secured map control in the top and bot lanes and focused on the mid lane next. Prior to going to mid, the Foxes captured their 2nd Ocean Drake. At the 22-minute mark, Echo Fox destroyed Golden Guardians’ inner mid turret and obtained a 5k gold lead.

With map control in Echo Fox’s favor, the team looked to finish the game. In the 27th minute, they poked Golden Guardians around the Baron area, forcing the Guardians to retreat, leaving an easy Baron for the Foxes.

With the Baron buff, Echo Fox was able to play more aggressively. After Echo Fox destroyed the mid and top inhibitors in the 30th minute, Golden Guardians attempted to dive and pick off Echo Fox players. They were not successful as Altec picked up a quadra kill. Despite the Foxes’ best attempts secure a pentakill for their AD Carry, they settled for a win in 34 minutes.

Team Liquid

This matchup was another chance for Echo Fox to prove that it is one of the best teams in the LCS.

Both teams focused heavily on high-level strategy in the matchup, making for a slow early-game. At around 14 minutes, bot lane was pushed by 3 Team Liquid players. Dardoch came to help with assistance from Fenix in the mid and Huni’s ultimate, earning 2 kills, Infernal Drake, and outer bot turret for the Foxes. At this point, Team Liquid still had gold lead but the fight gave Echo Fox the momentum it needed to push forward.

Dardoch continued his onslaught in the 16th minute as he ganked mid lane, feeding Fenix a double kill. This gave the Foxes the opening they needed to secure a second Infernal Drake.

With 2 Infernal Drakes under its belt, Echo Fox looked well-placed to grab Baron at 25 minutes. However, a steal from Team Liquid derailed the Foxes’ plans.

Team Liquid used the Baron buff to reestablish control on the map, but Echo Fox held strong in defense. Team Liquid’s Baron powerplay resulted in just a 4,000-gold swing.

In the 33rd minute, another good initiation from Dardoch helped Echo Fox find 2 kills and the second Baron of the match. Echo Fox was able to use the buff to its advantage, destroying Team Liquid’s mid turrets and inhibitor at the 39-minute mark.

With victory in their grasp, the Foxes took their second Baron at 41 minutes. With the buff, Echo Fox easily rolled into Team Liquid’s base and finished the match.

Echo Fox’s 2-0 week kept it atop the NA LCS standings with a record of 7-1.

This coming Saturday, Echo Fox faces 100 Thieves (4-4), looking to maintain momentum. On Sunday, the Foxes look to gain sole possession of first place as they face-off against Cloud9 (7-1).

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