LCS Week 3 Preview with Adrian

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As week 3 of the LCS approaches, Echo Fox remains the sole undefeated team in North America. Last week, the Foxes were challenged by Cloud9 and TSM, but they showed no fear and conquered their opponents.

This week they will face two 1-3 teams in Counter Logic Gaming and OpTic Gaming. Prior to their games this weekend, we spoke with Adrian about the team’s run thus far in NA LCS.

In Week 2, you faced Cloud9 and TSM. Was there any sort of gameplan going into those games?

Yeah, we always try to come in and prepared for every opponent. We knew that even if we fell a little behind early game we could always come back due to outscaling and superior teamfighting.

Our Founder Rick Fox was in attendance to cheer the team on and stayed hype throughout the game. Did you feel any pressure to leave a good impression for Rick?

Week 2 was the first week Rick was able to come out and support us so we definitely wanted to leave a good impression. I personally felt no pressure because I try to treat every game the same and not be pressured by external sources.

Any opinions of the current meta? What can be improved going into future patches?

There is a new patch going into week 3 with some changes such as the Targon nerf. The bot lane is less forgiving now and you can push your lead more than before. I hope the support items can get a little more buffed because it doesn’t feel as rewarding.

Compared to previous teams, how is the team environment at Echo Fox?

The Echo Fox team environment is pretty similar to previous teams I’ve been in. Everyone is really good friends and we’re having fun but we know when to be serious to win the game.

Has the team had the chance to hang out outside the game and develop some camaraderie between each other? If so, did you think it helped you guys work as a team?

We usually go out and enjoy eating good food together. Recently we’ve been having weekly dinners that really help us bond together which really helps us build synergy and friendship.

Did you bring anything you learned from previous teams to Echo Fox? If so, what is it?

I’d like to think I’m a sort of enabler that helps bring out the best in my teammates. I don’t really mind not getting the spotlight, I just want to help my teammates shine and win.

In Week 3, you will face CLG and OpTic. How will you stay focused to win?

We made a lot of mistakes in Week 2 so we will be working on fixing all those mistakes. Even though we beat two really good teams we can’t get complacent and keep trying to get better. We should always respect every opponent and never underestimate them.

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