SoCal Regionals 2017 Recap

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SoCal Regionals took place this past weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center featuring Echo Fox players Justin Wong, Momochi, Saint, JDCR, and Theo competing in various games such as Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, and Injustice 2.

Justin Wong and Momochi came off the heels of The Brooklyn Beatdown where Justin finished 3rd and Momochi finished 5th. Saint won OzHadou Nationals at Sydney, Australia. JDCR won Tekken Grand Battle at Lyon, France. Lastly, Theo placed 5th in the Injustice Pro Series Finals.

During Saturday’s festivities, Saint and JDCR advanced to the Top 8 in Tekken, and Theo advanced to Top 8 in Injustice 2.

Meanwhile, Justin Wong and Momochi advanced to Top 16 in Street Fighter V. However, they were placed in a tough bracket. Justin faced YOUDEAL’s Yukadon in Winners Finals and defeated in a close match. In the Losers Semi-Finals, Momochi faced NL who made a name for himself defeating Momochi in another close match. Afterwards, NL went against Justin Wong and the winner advances to Top 8. Both players fought hard for a Top 8 spot, but NL came away victorious.

The last day of SoCal Regionals was a victorious day for Echo Fox on Injustice 2 and Tekken 7. Theo competed first on Injustice 2, where he fought in the Winners bracket without losing a set. From there, he defeated Noble Esports’ Dragon in the Winners Finals then Grand Finals to win the championship.

In Tekken 7, JDCR and Saint took over the Winners bracket advancing to Winners Finals against each other. With the crowd’s favor, JDCR picked Heihachi in Game 1. However, Heihachi did not favor JDCR as Saint’s Jack-7 took Game 1. JDCR deliberated between Heihachi and Dragunov for Game 2 and opted for Dragunov. In Game 2, the match was closer but Saint proved to dominate once again. Game 3 proved that Saint’s Jack-7 was on point and swept JDCR to advance to Grand Finals.

JDCR’s defeat leads him to climb from Losers Finals against r/Kappa’s Jeondding. JDCR picked Heihachi, but Jeondding got the advantage and took Game 1. JDCR made the switch in Game 2 with Dragunov. This switch turned the set in JDCR’s favor. From Game 2, JDCR adapted to Jeondding’s relentless combos with Lucky Chloe taking Games 2 and 3. Jeondding found a way to work around Dragunov, taking Game 4. Game 5 was a close game for both players. JDCR and Jeondding clashed until the last point of the set. After a hard fought set, JDCR was victorious advancing to Grand Finals against fellow Echo Fox player Saint.

Familiar faces were in the Grand Finals with Echo Fox’s JDCR and Saint. Saint picked Eddy in Game 1 but JDCR was able to overcome taking Game 1. Saint made the switch to Jack-7, where he defeated JDCR in the Winners Finals. JDCR learned and adapted to Saint from the previous matchup taking the first set. In the runback, JDCR dominated Saint from the start. Saint was unable to adapt JDCR’s offense and swept Saint in the 2nd set of the Grand Finals taking the championship in Tekken 7.

Echo Fox came away champions in Injustice 2 and Tekken 7, solidifying their place at the top of the mountain. Stay tuned for future events where Echo Fox will continue to justify they are the best in the world.

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