Echo Fox Tops Phoenix1, Falls to Team Dignitas in LCS Week 8

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Echo Fox looked to rally after a difficult Week 7 against Counter Logic Gaming and TSM. With on a slim chance at making the playoffs, the goal moving forward is avoiding relegations. The first steps on that journey were defeating Phoenix1 and Team Dignitas.

Phoenix1 (2-0)

Game 1

The Foxes had a tough early game as MikeYeung’s Zac took control. After he used Let’s Bounce! in an early team fight, Phoenix1 grabbed 4 kills to 1. However, our cameback as Brandini scored a solo kill on Zig, Akaadian killed Xpecial, and Froggen killed Arrow to even up the score. This opened up the Cloud Drake for the Foxes at 17:41.

After 20 minutes, Phoenix1 had a 2,500-gold lead. The Foxes struggled in the mid game after a fight around Drake that lead to a score of 14 kills to 5 in favor of Phoenix1. Phoenix1 took down Baron soon after, and looked to close the game with a 14k gold lead.

Echo Fox had other ideas.

With both nexus turrets down, Mash stepped up with a double kill on MikeYeung and Arrow. At 32 minutes, the Foxes took a chance, taking down Baron and scoring 2 kills as Phoenix1 tried to contest the objective. Baron helped the Foxes tremendously. It allowed them to get a Mountain Drake, which helped them destroy the mid inhibitor. In the forty-second minute, the Foxes completed the comeback, winning game one.

Game 2

Like Game 1, the Foxes had another rough early game as Phoenix 1 got first blood, a Cloud Drake, and the Rift Herald. However, the Foxes attempted started comeback with Brandini scoring a kill on Zig.

At 17:23 Zig was caught off-guard as Echo Fox collapsed on him and Froggen took the kill. The Foxes proceeded to take a Cloud Drake and a bottom lane turret. After 20 minutes, both teams were even in kills and gold.

At the 24-minute mark, both teams were split in the map. Phoenix1 obtained Infernal Drake, while the Foxes started Baron on the top side. However, Phoenix1 moved to contest the objective and Echo Fox backed off Baron as they could not take it down fast enough.

After 33 minutes, both teams were still on even ground. Brandini changed that by solo killing an Infernal Drake.

At the 36-minute mark, Phoenix1 took Baron but did not stop the Foxes from engaging as they left the pit. Echo Fox picked off Ryu, and destroyed the mid inhibitor. With 20 seconds on Ryu’s death timer, they looked to destroy the nexus turrets. Phoenix1 engaged, but the Foxes were happy to take the 4v5 fight. The Foxes scored the ace and won the series 2-0.

Team Dignitas (1-2)

Game 1

Our Foxes had a strong early game. Brandini managed to take first blood after taunting Ssumday and flashing to solo kill him. Afterwards, while Team Dignitas was killing a Mountain Drake, Akaadian captured Rift Herald for map control. However, as the game progressed, Team Dignitas’ macro game proved to be unstoppable as they gained an additional Mountain Drake, Ocean Drake and Baron Nashor. Team Dignitas managed to win Game 1 in 28:08.

Game 2

The Foxes sought revenge in game two, hoping to even up the series. Keith subbed in for Mash and made himself known, taking first blood in 5:22 in a close fight against Altec. At 11 minutes, the Foxes destroyed the first turret of the game, earning bonus gold. That lead allowed the Foxes to establish map control. The Foxes managed to grab 2 Mountain Drakes and Keith took a double kill, extending his lead.

The Foxes started to attack Baron at 22:10, baiting Team Dignitas into the Baron pit and taking a 3 to 1 kill trade with another double kill for Keith before retreating. At 25:15 minutes, the Foxes finally killed Baron.

With the buff, they were able to take another Mountain Drake for additional 30% damage to epic monsters and towers. The Foxes ran down mid and destroyed Team Dignitas’ inhibitor. With the mid lane open, the Foxes spread to other lanes, destroying the bot lane inhibitor. After sitting the first game, Keith came up big in game two a score line of 8 kills, 1 death, and 7 assists as Echo Fox won Game 2.

Game 3

The last game was close as each early team fight ended in even trades, and both teams destroyed the same number of turrets by the 20-minute mark.

After the close early game, a team fight around Baron Pit ended in Team Dignitas’ favor. They took the buff and began to open up the Foxes’ mid lane. With the Baron power-up, Team Dignitas overpowered the Foxes and closed the series in 27:26.

After this weekend’s games, Echo Fox has a record of 5 wins 11 losses, eliminating the team from playoff contention. With a one game lead over the three teams behind them, the Foxes will be looking to avoid relegation as they enter the last week of the LCS Summer Split.

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