Author’s Note: Originally written on 5/19/2015 on Yelp with some grammar edits. Images courtesy of Yelp.


Sushi4u, not known for its logo design, but the service more than makes up for it. After a long day of shopping, and before having some fun with board games, my friends and I were craving sushi. Since we were around Brea, we wanted a sushi restaurant that will fulfill our cravings. We were not feeling Kula as it’s nothing new to us. We weren’t feeling Sushi In Motion either even though they have a good selection of sushi. Instead of teasing ourselves by reading some reviews, our mouths were salivating to have sushi. We wanted some damn good sushi, and our search on Yelp resulted here.

At first glance, Sushi4u looks like a dinky restaurant still in process of being constructed. Don’t let that fool you, though, on the inside, it’s a restaurant with huge spacing to fit big parties if needed. There’s no loud music blasting out the speakers when it’s someone’s birthday like other AYCE restaurants, and TVs with sports on to accommodate a male companion if any ladies are going with their man.

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Upon entering the restaurant, my friends and I were greeted by everyone in the restaurant. Surprisingly on a Saturday night, the restaurant was not busy so we have seated right away. Our waitress asked if it were our first time eating at their restaurant, to which we replied “YES!” Afterward, she showed us their sushi offerings and gave us suggestions. When we were deciding what to pick, our waitress did not want to leave us hungry and served us some edamame in the meantime. That sort of offering made me feel like it was home. It was not served chilled like other restaurants and was warm and not too salty. After much deliberation, we decided to get 4 mouthfuls of salmon, a couple of specialty rolls, and a bit more sushi.

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Are you hungry now?

When we got our food, we munched on it like savage beasts. However, we noticed that the way they served us our food seemed unique. For example, the salmon came with onions and cilantro on top — no other sushi restaurant served it that way. We thought it looked fancier that way, did not change the taste of the salmon, but we preferred not to have the toppings over it on our next round. We also received spider roll, which was decently good and the soft shell crab was crunchy. We also got some tuna, baked salmon, uni, and yellowtail to remember a few. Those tasted as you would expect for an AYCE.

The difference between this place and other AYCE restaurants is the service they provided. They were very attentive when we needed anything, and fast at it. They were also very nice, and let us know what sushi to try based on what we commonly liked. For anyone that is on the fence about going here, I would say it’s worth a trip not for the food, but for the service. I will definitely stop by if I am around the area and craving sushi again.


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